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Saturday, May 17, 2003

It's a well established fact that Julie Reinger, the Look East weathergirl, is officially the most annoying woman on planet earth. And the fact that I've had six search engine hits in the last month from people looking for info on her isn't going to stop me saying so. But for once I'm prepared to tolerate her acting like an eight year old, temporarily at least, and all in the name of love. Not love for her, that would be ridiculous. I'm not a professional footballer for a start. But love for Hawk Wing, the best horse ever to finish second on a daily basis. He runs this afternoon for the first time since September, but only if the ground stays good. Which means that for once Ms Reinger might be worth tolerating. Any rain in the next few hours and I'll be deprived of the bit of innocent equine lusting I've been looking forward to all winter. Never has the British weather meant so much to me. Unfortunately the chances of JR's forecasting being accurate, are about the same as Hawk Wing not finishing second. I wouldn't bet on either.