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Friday, August 01, 2003

I'm worried. Somebody in America has just arrived at my site after doing a search for the words "Diet Coke and your kidneys". It led them to my short film 'Keep On Keeping On', which (as far as I remember) contains very little medical advice regarding the effects of sugar free cola on the major organs. The thing is, I had no idea there WAS an effect on your kidneys from drinking Diet Coke. If there is, I could be in trouble. And does Ribena damage your liver? I need to know. I could be on the verge of major organ failure here and I don't even know it. More worrying still is that my website visitor may have been reaching out for help from the throes of his weekly dialysis session, only to be horribly let down when he found that my site contained not sound advice, but a dodgy script about nuns and sea monkeys. You know what Americans are like - I'll be sued for malpractice quicker than you can say "no win no fee".