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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The biggest story of this week is obviously the news that Bungle from Rainbow will be appearing on the next series of The Voice. I think he's replacing Kylie Minogue.

But that aside, you know you've been in a job too long when every sunrise reminds you of an optic disc...

I'm sensing a slight detachment at the bottom there. Possibly from reality.

Anyhoo, I feel as though I'm currently living in the end times. This morning was the last time I'll be able to take Amelie to school before work (until I get settled in my new job and set my own start time at midday). I'll be in Uckfield tomorrow, and at the Oval cricket ground on Friday, and by the time Amelie's back at school after half term, I'll be watching the sun rise over south London every morning.

Today was my last OCT clinic, and yesterday my last day at Crawley Hospital. It all got a bit emotional, especially when I was presented with this card by the reception staff...

There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Although if there had been, I'd have recommended Viscotears.


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