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Friday, July 04, 2003

Is it wrong to admit that I found Lisa's attack of breathlessness on last night's Big Brother the most entertaining moment so far? (Or at least post Jon). (Or post Tania's pig-related audition piece for Drama Queen 2003). (Well ok, the most entertaining moment this week). I'm not totally heartless, so if I believed for one moment that it was genuine, I wouldn't be laughing. But come on, if Gos can make it around that course without keeling over from a heart attack, anyone can. And besides, did Lisa actually get any further than putting on her hat and looking in the mirror? Obviously the British public were stunned by her miraculous recovery, with medical experts baffled as to how she could be fit and well the moment the task was over. Myself, I put the whole episode down to post-operative stress. These sex-change procedures are no walk in the park. Or so I'm told.