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Saturday, June 14, 2014

A few hours in hospital, and Amelie's already written me out of this family...

That reads "To my Mummy, I love you, love Amelie. PS. Toby loves you too". The smiles on their faces suggest that they're adjusting well to life without me. And enjoying the proceeds of my life insurance policy.

But much as I hate to burst Amelie's bubble, I'm actually a little bit better. Before leaving A&E on Thursday, the consultant prescribed me some cinnarizine, possibly to test my powers of speech again, but it's cheaper to buy it over the counter, and we already had some at home, so I rejected the chemist in favour of our kitchen cupboard. The tablets have done a good job of reducing my extreme sickness to a constant mild nausea, and over the past 36 hours, the dizziness which had rocked my world has settled down to more of a gentle swaying. I still feel like I'm wearing someone else's glasses, but I no longer feel like I'm on a suspension bridge during an earthquake.

In an effort to give me some space to recover, my Mum has kindly taken Toby off our hands, and we've packed Amelie off to a party for the afternoon...

It's actually the 'Frozen' party that was postponed from a couple of weeks ago, which is ironic as it's a lot warmer now.

The break has given me and Lisa a chance to spend some quality time testing each other for transient ischaemic attacks by talking a lot of nonsense. We've been discussing my longstanding love of Jim Carrey, a conversation which was prompted by this sixty second video...

It's not everyone who can make such a heartfelt point whilst wearing such a ridiculous hat. So I outlined to Lisa my admiration for the man, my love of his comedy, and my excitement about the new Dumb and Dumber film, before asking my wife who her favourite comedy actor is.

I was thinking of maybe Ben Stiller, Bradley Cooper or Sacha Baron Cohen. She said Chevy Chase. I'm not saying my wife's stuck in the 80s, but she's dreaming of another Griswold movie with John Candy and Danny DeVito.