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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As it turned out, we didn't see 14 flats on Saturday. But only due to estate agents merrily cancelling appointments at the last minute, and another named Warren who failed to turn up altogether. I expect he was too busy rabbitting on the phone (you have time of think of puns like that when you're left standing outside a house for half an hour).

But having been shown around a two bedroom flat on four levels by the wrong estate agent, we did manage to return to the flat pictured in my last post, which, it turns out, my Mum and I weren't actually meant to see on Thursday. Apparently the appointment had been cancelled, but by a stroke of good fortune the message failed to get through and the estate agent was too polite to say anything, so we managed to force our way in after all. Which, if you ask me, is fate, because as we speak my brother is putting in an offer on that very flat, which will no doubt be accepted, the survey will reveal no problems, the tenant will move out within a week, and I'll be in by March. What could possibly go wrong? (Don't answer that).

Unfortunately it means blog posts will probably be thin on the ground for a while. In addition to packing up the contents of a two-bedroom flat and trying to make it fit into a one-bedroom flat half the size, I need to make sure I can afford to move to Brighton in the first place. Which means spending more time buying lottery tickets. So for the time being, blogging is on the back burner.

But I'll leave you with a link courtesy of my sister, who's meant to be on a work-related trip to Florida, but seems to be spending all her time watching 10-minute infomercials on TV. Which is how she discovered Doggy Steps. Of course, working on the principal that 'Sporty Spice' refers to Mel C, I was expecting 'Doggy Steps' to be a site about Lisa Scott-Lee. But apparently it's not. It does however feature a product (not available in stores) (I wonder why) which apparently "gives your pet freedom from the floor". A helicopter would have a similar effect of course, but you can't get one of those for $39.99.