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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

According to Monday's Brighton Argus, Barbara Windsor really was at the Pride march on Saturday. So it's just possible that when I stood there pointing, laughing, and criticising the accuracy of that lookalike, it was actually her. I really should stop insulting celebrities in public.

Anyhoo, Zoe Ball was also there apparently, so at least that clears up the identity of the person in my last photo. Oh, and the paper also reports a quote from Karen Gill, star of ITV's one-off documentary 'Flash Families', who attended with "her twins Ocean and Unity, four, and daughter Destiny, six". 'Susan' and 'John' have clearly gone out of fashion.

As for the giant sculpture of Babs topless, well that's now been installed on the roundabout outside Asda. Which explains why I nearly crashed my car yesterday morning. You don't expect to swing around a corner and come face to face with a six foot tit. Unless you live with Chris Evans.

But anyhoo, when I'm not mixed up in the world of celebrity, I'm busy snatching food from the mouths of terminally ill AIDS patients. I visited the Sussex Beacon charity shop on Monday, and noticed a stack of ten 'Will & Grace' DVDs in the window, with a sticker on top saying "£15 the set". Being a fan of camp American comedy (and feeling totally secure in that) I naturally snapped them up, but as I paid, the woman on the till said "There were three lots of these DVDs, did you see them all?". I went back and looked, but there weren't any, so she muttered that they must have been sold, and I happily left with my DVDs...

... at which point I looked inside the bag and found that three of my ten DVDs had stickers saying "£15 the set". Meaning that it was supposed to be three separate sets costing £45, and not the ten-for-£15 bargain I thought it was. I was right outside the shop at this point, and could have gone back in, admitted my mistake, and returned six of the DVDs. And to be fair, I did consider it. For about a second. After which I realised that at £45, I'd never have bought any DVDs at all, meaning the AIDS patients would be £15 worse off, and therefore more likely to die a slow lingering death. So I owed it to them to nip straight into Somerfield instead.