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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wojtek KozakObviously I did go back for the Wojtek Kozak painting. It's actually of St Malo in France, where according to his website, Woj spends the summer months, presumably popping over to the UK every now and then to donate his work to charity shops. It's very nice, but has the obvious drawback of not being worth a thousand pounds. I think I'll put it next to the leatherette presentation shot of my sister.

Anyhoo, I'm under strict instructions here to mention that Lisa beat me at both darts and Fluxx last night. Although her victory at darts involved me having to hit all the numbers plus the bullseye, while she only had to go from 8 to 20. And that was after insisting that women get to stand closer to the board. Anyway, she may have won the game (and the accompanying £1 wager), but more than anything else it was a victory for my decision to put up a bit of hardboard behind the dartboard. I'm not saying Lisa's inaccurate, but by the time you've watched the 20th dart bounce off the wall and stab the carpet, you do start to feel glad you didn't agree to your brother's request to fit laminate flooring.

And as for Fluxx, I'm sure she cheated.

Not that we wasted another evening in pointless activities. We also carried out a raft of psychological tests, mainly (well, solely) because of Big Brother's announcement that Aisleyne is the most Machiavellian housemate. Which caused much consternation, due to the fact that none of them could pronounce it, let alone knew what it meant. I duly informed Lisa that she's more Machiavellian than me, and five minutes later we were online, betting a pound on the Machiavellian Test.

As it turned out, I scored 56 to Lisa's 54, losing me yet more money, and leading to an argument about statement number 16: "It is possible to be good in all respects". I claimed that it is, and put myself forward as an obvious example, leading Lisa to argue vehemently that it's not, and point out that I always want people to lose on 'Deal Or No Deal', and only ever watched Cilla's 'Moment of Truth' to see the look on the children's faces when their parents failed to win them a Playstation.

To be honest, she has a point. The Machiavellian so-and-so.