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Monday, April 15, 2013

Needless to say, I haven't been the only one taking advantage of Toby's only-child status this weekend. While I've been busy making hay and coffee bars, Lisa's been attempting to make enough money to keep the wolf from the door and the bailiff out of work, by listing some more clothes on eBay. Amelie's now wearing outfits designed for girls aged 6-7, so at the age of four-and-a-half, we have a range of five-year-old's clothes she’s grown out of.

One of the highlights of her Spring 2012 wardrobe was this LOVELY (that'll be in Lisa's eBay description) Next daisy coat...

That's the photo Lisa's using to sell it. And here's the one I'm using…

Admittedly mine was taken a year ago, whereas Lisa's was yesterday afternoon, but I think mine's a lot cuter. Lisa's concerned about using it though, because she feels that Amelie looks less like a three-year-old and more like a two-foot-six midget, and she doesn't want people thinking the coat is for adults.

There is another option though. If you check out this blog post, you'll see that I have photos of Amelie wearing that coat with Patsy Palmer, Caroline Lucas and Vanessa Redgrave. So we can forget about whether it's childrenswear or dwarf attire, and market it as celebrity memorabilia.


Zoe Sprake said...

She looks adorable in it - pity she's outgrown it already.