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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sometimes, even the Laundry Fairy looks at our weekend washing with despair...

But fortunately, if he's overcome by the sheer enormity of the task, and faints under the oppressive weight of domestic drudgery, there's always a doctor in the house...

Although it's the same doctor who insisted on dressing him in wings and a fluffy tiara, so I'm not sure her judgement is always sound.

Anyhoo, the good news is that my gargantuan and entirely selfless efforts to treat my family to a once-in-a-lifetime day-trip-to-remember are clearly paying off big time. Having spent five hours in the car on Saturday, and driven Amelie through torrential rain, howling winds, biblical flooding and - worst of all - Dunstable, in an effort to show her what life is like north of Watford, and give her a taste of some rock-hard beef, she ran into school yesterday morning and exclaimed:

"Guess what I did at the weekend!"

When none of her classmates could (or cared), she continued:

"I went to Queens Park!"

Yes, it seems that a day out in Milton Pils pales into insignificance compared with the 45 minutes she spent with me in Queens Park on Sunday. Which is frustrating, as the park's about 130 miles nearer, and doesn't require petrol to get to. It does, however, feature a zip-wire, which is not something I witnessed in Buckinghamshire. I expect the council have it on their list of things to do, alongside the concrete cows gift shop and café.

Incidentally, since publishing Sunday's blog post, it's been pointed out to me that not all car parks in Milton Keynes are free, and that failing to pay & display on the grounds that you read it on some blog, is likely to result in a parking ticket. Fortunately, if you e-mail me, I can give you Jon & Steph's address. There are no restrictions on their street, and the bloke next door is quite happy for you to park outside his house.


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No Coaches!