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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My favourite headline of the year so far, courtesy of the BBC News website...

The word of God is all very well, but if you really want to end the abuse and suffering of the innocent, you need to hear the almighty voice of a Chuckle Brother.

On the subject of powerful voices, I took Lisa a cup of tea in bed this morning, and as she opened her eyes and heaved a toddler off her chest, she said this:

"I dreamt that I shoved an ice cream into your sister's face, but I can't remember why".

As I said to her at the time, you don't always need a reason. She's just got one of those faces. Although I'm not sure I'd waste a good ice cream.

Lisa clearly doesn't sleep the sleep of the righteous, but to be honest, Big Sis probably deserves a frozen pudding in the face. It's what you might call getting your just desserts. I lent her our old Nintendo DS at Christmas, because she was about to head off to Australia and wanted to play 'Brain Training' while she was there to give her an edge over the Aborigines. Although I think they're all playing 'Animal Crossing'. Unfortunately, whilst Sis made it safely to Oz, our DS got as far as the seat pocket of a plane between Singapore and Brisbane, and has never been heard of again.

The good news is that Big Sis has bought us a new one (well, a second-hand new one). The bad news is that the old one contained all our Brain Training records which proved that I'm cleverer than Lisa, and that her victories at Candy Crush must be more down to luck than judgement. So I can no longer use it to settle arguments about where Amelie got her brains from. I think the BBC needs to stop writing about the Chuckle Brothers and start putting on more of those 'Test the Nation' quizzes.


Phil's Mum said...

Do you know, I can't think of one intelligent comment to make on all that!