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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I've seen some scary photos in my time, but seriously...

What kind of godforsaken devil of a hell-fiend produced that demonically evil image??? Well, the answer is my daughter. It's a picture of my Mum.

I don't actually know when, where or how that photo came to be taken, or precisely which malevolent spirit my mother was possessed with at the time; I just found it on Amelie's camera. It was next to a far more shocking one of me naked. That photo's been deleted for legal reasons. Admittedly, you couldn't actually tell it was me unless you're extremely familiar with my bottom, but either Amelie's been photographing me getting dressed without my knowledge, or she's gathered evidence of other men cavorting nude in my bedroom. And either way, it's not something I want her showing her friends. I'm going to e-mail Vtech and suggest they add a loud siren noise to the next model of their Kidizoom camera, instead of the quiet shutter-click it currently features.


Phil's Mum said...

I wonder who I should sue - the owner of the camera or the person who bought it for her? On 2nd thoughts, I think I'll just deny all knowledge of it. After all, I didn't recognise myself, so why should anybody else!