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Friday, February 28, 2014

Well, as it transpires, I was wrong. Clearly a lot of people would want to be in our shoes. Lisa's shoes anyway...

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Blimey, Phil, that leather cushion doesn't look very comfortable. I bet the buckles go right up your backside". Well, contrary to the misleading description, that's actually a pair of shoes. Lisa bought them to wear at Amelie's baptism in November 2011, and they haven't been worn since. So Amelie's soul isn't the only one to have been saved since that day.

Much like their owner, those shoes spent a lot of time on the shelf before finally being picked up by yours truly. To be honest, I found them in the bin. Toby has a habit of taking things from bookcases, out of cupboards and off tables, and then shoving them down toilets, into bins and under beds, so having grown tired of picking up after her son last week, Lisa decided to cut out the middle man and throw away her own shoes.

I came home from work ten days ago to find a black sack in the hallway, containing a load of old shoes that Toby had pulled off the shelves, and which Lisa had decided she no longer wanted. Or, at least, no longer wanted to keep picking up off the floor. I'm no stranger to rooting around in the rubbish, so having looked through the sack, I pointed out to Lisa that a couple of pairs looked quite decent, and really should be saved. She shrugged in response, and said that I could take them to the nearest charity shop if I wanted to.

Well, needless to say, charity begins at home. So I took them out, gave them a clean, and put them straight on eBay.

That was Wednesday of last week. And on Wednesday of this week, they both sold. One for £16 and the other for £22.01. With added postage, I've received forty-six quid in the past twenty-four hours. And the best thing is, it's all mine. As I pointed out to Lisa, she lost all claims to those shoes the moment she put them in the sack. I might have to pay Toby a finder's fee, but apart from that, I'm quids in.


Phil's Mum said...

Can I employ you to clear our house (but not my things!)?

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