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Monday, August 25, 2014

Ice cream burger, anyone..?

I'm lovin' it. I should also point out that Toby's similarity to Hitler owes more to his love of strawberry ice cream than his desire to exterminate millions. Although he'll bite your legs if you get too close.

Anyhoo, today is Lisa's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS GARDNER!!!. I can't tell you how old she is, partly because it would be ungallant, but mainly because I can't count that high. As things stand right now, she's currently barricaded into the bedroom, attempting to enjoy some kind of lie-in, but the way Toby's banging on the door with a toy car and screaming "MUMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" at about two hundred decibels, I'm not sure it's going to last much longer.

As for her top-secret surprise gift, I ordered that on the internet a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived while I was at work, in a large cardboard box emblazoned with giant lettering telling Lisa what it was. I've attempted to erase her short term memory with a series of mind-altering hypnosis techniques, but to be honest, I think she knows what's coming.

In the meantime, Amelie and I have laid the groundwork for our assault on the 2015 Great British Bake-Off, by hand-preparing some pain au chocolat for Lisa's breakfast. I took some advice from an experienced pastry chef (thanks, Stefan) and turned to the Jus-Rol school of bakery for the recipe. I opened the can and Amelie put in the chocolate sticks. It was a team effort, so we felt fully justified in eating half of them.

Anyhoo, the nice thing about reaching Lisa's jaw-dropping age is that you can look with satisfaction upon your beautiful daughter (who's often mistaken for your granddaughter), and feel pleased that she's inherited your looks...

That was yesterday afternoon down at Brighton Marina, where we had a very nice meal at Prezzo with our good friend 'C'...

She's recently been made redundant (which she was surprisingly happy about), and filled us in on the latest interview techniques currently being used by employers in London. Apparently she's been asked to take along an object which best describes her, then induct a professional actor, and answer questions posed by children. Which might make sense for a job at a stage school, but she'd actually applied to be a Business Manager. Ironically, I felt like handing in my notice on Friday afternoon, but I'm having second thoughts now.

Anyhoo, it was lovely to see 'C', and even lovelier to eat a toasted brioche with two scoops of gelato. Amelie got to grips with spaghetti...

... and 'C' expressed a lot of admiration for the level of patience Lisa and I display when our children are running amok in a restaurant. I told her that in reality, of course, it's not patience. We're just past caring.


Phil's Mum said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LISA! Amelie can count to 145, so she'll have no trouble with the numbers.

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