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Thursday, January 01, 2015

It's a well known fact that Lisa and I watch a lot of foreign films. Mostly American, but also Australian, and sometimes Canadian too. As long as it's in English, we don't care. But it's been documented here before that in addition to their excellent pastries, we're also partial to a bit of Danish drama. So with last night being New Year's Eve, and the spirit of celebration coursing through our veins, we thought hey, what better way to see in 2015 than with a bit of child sex abuse. And subtitles.

Happy New Year, by the way.

Oddly, Lisa and I weren't invited to any New Year's Eve parties yesterday, which was handy, as it saved us the trouble of coming up with excuses not to go. Ironically, I had a good one this year, as I'd returned from St Leonards yesterday, only to head straight to the doctor's. In addition to spending Christmas with a cold, a touch of sinusitis, and a son who's like a Gremlin after midnight, 2014 drew to a close with the recurrence of this old chestnut. It's my greatest hit, and likes to be re-released every couple of years.

As well as giving me floppy eyes, the tamsulosin I've been on for five years has kept my prostatitis under control, and I've not needed antibiotics since 2012. But that all changed on Tuesday, and as of yesterday afternoon, I'm back on the trimethoprim. And feeling better already.

So having popped a pill on New Year's Eve, the scene was set for a night of fun and ecstasy, and we ended up watching this...

As the poster says, "this is cinema that sinks it's claws into your back". Much like every cat I've ever owned. I'll be writing to Robbie Collin of The Telegraph about the correct use of apostrophe's, but that aside, The Hunt was a very good film. You can track it down on Netflix. In common with many Danish films, it features quite a lot of Fanny, but only because that's the name of the main character's dog.

Anyhoo, Lisa and I both enjoyed it, but it has reduced the chances of either of us volunteering at Beavers. Not that I'll have time in 2015, as my new year's resolution is to get into graffiti. I'm going to vandalise buildings with moss. I've got some yoghurt in the fridge, so I'm just a few weeks away from having a sign on the front door like this...

Except ours will be better. Let's face it, when it comes to moss graffiti, The Gardners is far more appropriate.


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