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Monday, August 11, 2008

I was watching the Olympics at lunchtime today, and saw a Chinese swimmer called Qi. I thought that was quite interesting. According to her Wikipedia entry, Qi is "technically perfect and undoubtedly very hard-working and talented", so I'm sensing she wrote it herself. I might edit it to say she's lazy and flawed, and see how long it takes the Beijing secret police to turn up.

In other news, I had a bit of a rude awakening this morning. Literally. Lisa clearly hadn't forgotten what happened on Saturday, and thought it might be amusing to give me a taste of my own medicine. So instead of waking me gently with a tender caress, she shook me violently by the shoulder until I woke up screaming. How we laughed. Her loudly, me inwardly and with deep resentment.

Unfortunately for Lisa, she then committed the schoolboy error of allowing herself to fall back to sleep while I was in the shower. Needless to say it's now two-one to me. And I scored extra points for making her hit the ceiling.

Anyhoo, I've been driving around the streets of Brighton in the pharmacy drugsmobile this afternoon. One of the regular drivers was off sick (ironic, given that he spends his working life visiting hospitals), so I had to deliver drugs to the Royal Sussex, the Eye Hospital and Hove Polyclinic. I've decided it's not a good idea for the person who picks, checks and packs the drugs in the morning to then deliver them in the afternoon. There's something about knowing the value of your cargo which affects your ability to drive. Frankly if I'd crashed that van, the whole nation's taxes would have to go up.

But I made it back safely, and returned home to a letter personally addressed to me (and every other voter in Kemptown) by Simon Burgess, Labour's candidate for the next election. As previously demonstrated on this blog, the man's no stranger to a tandem, but this letter reveals far more about him. Apparently Simon has worked in frontline NHS services and wants an NHS we can be proud of, complete with "properly paid staff".

Its' HistoryBut mostly importantly, Simon's aware of

Its' Patientsand promises to be an advocate for

Its' Staffand

The man's got my' vote.