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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I've driven to Gatwick this morning and successfully picked up Lisa's birthday present. This was the scene two minutes after getting it through the door...

Is it for me..?
And this was two minutes after taking the photo...

I'm not sure you've captured my best side.
She has to approve every shot before I'm allowed to publish it on my blog.

Anyhoo, I have indeed bought Lisa a new TV. Her birthday's the 25th (much like Jesus), and she starts maternity leave on Friday, so frankly she's going to be welded to the sofa for the next twelve months, and in need of entertainment. Our current TV is ten years old, and dates from the days when the only things with LCD screens were pocket calculators, so it seemed like an appropriate time to upgrade.

Lisa's always banging on about her sister's digital hard drive, and asking why we can't record fifty hours of TV a day, so I've killed two birds with one stone and bought a TV with two tuners and a 160GB hard drive built in. She should be able to store a month's worth of Jeremy Kyle without any problem.

The thick of it.Anyway, I've told Lisa she can have it early, as long as she reads the entire instruction manual before turning it on. It's an inch and a half thick, so that should keep her busy til her birthday. Which is just as well, because I don't have time to set it up. I mentioned ten weeks ago that we'd booked ourselves on a baby first aid course in August, and today's the day. By 3pm this afternoon I'll be performing mouth-to-mouth on a Tiny Tears doll.