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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Amelie spotted this picture in a copy of 'The Week' magazine this afternoon, and promptly asked if it was me. When I told her it's not, she replied "But you wear that shirt to work, Daddy". Anyone would think I've only got the one. Admittedly I like to stretch a work shirt to a second or third day to save on laundry bills, but that doesn't make my wardrobe predictable. I've got at least two others.

As for Lisa, she took one look at the photo and asked if he was a benefits cheat. Which, after Amelie's comment, I'm taking as a personal insult. In reality, it's Steve Hilton, the Conservative Party's former director of strategy, and the man who told David Cameron to hug a hoodie. Which might explain why he looks like a criminal.

Anyhoo, it's been a busy day, during which I've done numerous things, none of them worthy of mention. But amongst it all, I did find time to take the kids out again. We've done the seaside to death (which is usually only possible at Beachy Head), so today I took them on a day trip to Lidl. It was an enjoyable excursion, which taught me one important lesson. Namely that if your daughter loses her mittens, she'll not only insist on wearing your gloves, but will then walk through the streets, waving her arms about like Kenny Everett doing Brother Lee Love...

On the plus side, however, it means you can stop off at the nearest park on the way home and shoot a top quality visual gag...

Of course, it's only remotely funny when you know that the backing track is genuinely called 'Fly Together Purple Dinosaur'. It's by a chap called Khleo. And he followed it up with a song called 'You Don't Fight Fair'. So give Toby a year to grow up, and there's every chance I can film a sequel.


Phil's Mum said...

Never mind the gloves.  I've been trying to work out what Amelie has on her feet for the last 2 days.  Does she have new pink & purple trainers?

Phil said...

Tell me about it. I picked her up from nursery on Tuesday and accused her of stealing someone else's shoes. We almost had a stand-up row in the soft-play room as she insisted they were hers, while I rummaged around in the shoe box for her brown boots.

But apparently they were a bargain in the Next sale. No one else wanted them. And you'll be able to buy them on eBay in about six months.