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Friday, January 11, 2013

As it transpired, I did return home yesterday. And then regretted it shortly afterwards. I still felt pretty bad, but I felt worse about leaving Lisa at the mercy of the insurance sharks, and I missed her like the police missed their chance to get Savile, so having weighed up my options, I decided to ask my Mum for a lift home.

Before leaving, I wrung one last ounce of value out of Netflix by watching 'Primer', a film so intellectually and scientifically complex that there are entire websites dedicated to explaining what the bloody hell is going on. In fact, before watching it, I read a review from Esquire magazine which states that "Anybody who claims they fully understand what's going on in 'Primer' after seeing it just once is either a savant or a liar".

Well I'm going to claim to be the former, because I actually thought I followed it all the way through. Unfortunately, having watched the film, I then read a lengthy breakdown of the plot and an essay explaining the film's concept of time travel, after which I realised that I hadn't really understood it at all. But that didn't stop me enjoying it. In fact, I loved it. It's also an inspiring piece of work, because Shane Carruth, the 30-year-old guy who directed it, also starred in it, wrote the script, and acted as producer, cinematographer and editor, as well as composing all the music. Which explains how he made the whole thing for $7,000. Frankly it's enough to get me out there with a camcorder.

Anyhoo, as a piece of science-heavy sci-fi, 'Primer' is like kryptonite to Lisa, which is why I made sure I watched it at my parents' house, but having done so, I was free to return home. When I made that decision, I thought I was feeling slightly better, but with hindsight that may have been due, at least in part, to the fact that I'd done nothing at all for two and a half days. The effort of gathering my things together and then stepping outside for the first time in 72 hours (I've no idea when I last stayed indoors for that long) seemed to set me back again, and by the time my Mum had transported me home, I was feeling quite rough.

And that was before I heard the latest on our insurance claim. Frankly we're having the battle of Britain with Churchill at the moment. And never in the field of home insurance has so much been owed to us by so many people who seem willing to do so little to help. But that saga will have to wait till tomorrow...


Jon the Bassist said...

I have a friend who had to look up the definition of the word 'savant' Do you think there is any point in him watching this film?