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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Toby's six months old today!

I wanted to take a photo of him on his own to celebrate his half-year birthday, but generally that's only possible if you tie Amelie up with a skipping rope and lock her in a cupboard. And I've been told not to do that again. So he had to share his birthday portrait with his sister.

The past six months have gone remarkably quickly, which is worrying as it's my last year in my thirties and I'll be officially over the hill come the summer. As will Toby, the way he's learning to move. Give him another month and he'll be disappearing over that horizon faster than my youthful good looks. Only this morning, Lisa left him on his changing mat on the bedroom floor, and came back five minutes later to find him four feet away with his hands on her clutch bag. He's like Amelie and the Marmite Breadsticks. Except that while his sister goes for food, he prefers ladies' accessories.

Ironically, having failed to get a picture of him alone this morning, I managed to snap him behind Amelie's back this evening... only to attach the result to a photo of his sister at the same age...

Lisa says they're identical, but I think there's just a very real chance that all babies look the same.

Anyhoo, as if to mark Toby's six-month milestone, I discovered this morning that Facebook have kindly given me their newest feature, 'Graph Search', a veritable stalker's charter which allows me to search very specifically for people in a particular location who have liked a particular thing. In time, it'll be rolled out to everyone, but I added my name to the waiting list a couple of weeks ago in the hope of getting it early, and sure enough, it's been enabled today.

My reasons for wanting it are purely comedic. It means I can entertain myself for hours on end by searching for 'Jews who like bacon' or 'Catholics who like condoms'. For example, a quick search this evening has revealed that there are eight people on Facebook who work near the Sussex Cancer Centre and like smoking. And what's more, it's given me all their names. It's enough to make you want to change your privacy settings immediately.

But in the meantime I want a word with this lady...

I'm tempted to send her a friend request with her next screening appointment.


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