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Thursday, May 02, 2013

The main problem with me filming Toby crawling forwards, aside from the fact that I'm at work all day, and he won't do it on demand, is that he's got a cold at the moment, and every video I shoot looks like Bill Murray doing the ectoplasm scene in Ghostbusters. I feel slightly guilty too, as he caught the cold from me, but whilst I've fought off the virus like a trooper (ie. with quite a lot of swearing) Toby's nose is still running faster than his sister at bedtime. So I'm holding off from filming him until the boy looks a bit more presentable. Which, if he takes after his father, could take about thirty years.

In the meantime, something else I've failed to capture on film is Amelie's evolution from a doodling pre-schooler to a bona fide street artist. When I picked her up from nursery yesterday, she was out in the garden, which is actually a large tarmacked yard at the back, with a slide and a wendy house. As I walked out there, I noticed that the ground was covered in chalk drawings of flowers, with row upon row of pretty coloured flora stretching as far as the eye could see. And there, on the other side of the yard, was Amelie, down on her hands and knees, holding a piece of chalk.

The flowers numbered in the dozens, if not scores, so I naturally assumed it had been some kind of group activity that afternoon. But apparently not. The young nursery assistant informed me that while the other children had been playing all around her, Amelie had taken it upon herself to live up to her surname and turn the nursery’s concrete jungle into a beautiful garden by drawing different coloured flowers on the ground.

By the time I arrived, she'd covered most of the yard with artwork, and transformed the place single-handed. I was just annoyed I didn't have my camera. And grateful she hadn't done it at home. I commented to the assistant that Amelie was a bit like Banksy – in fact her work looked a lot like this - but the woman had no idea what I meant. Frankly she was more Blanksy than Banksy. They clearly don't teach street art at childcare college.


Phil's Mum said...

And Amelie's pavement artwork was pointed out to us with pride by the nursery staff this afternoon. As long as it doesn't rain, she could be immortalised even after she has left the nursery in the summer.