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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amelie might have finished at nursery, but the good news is that she's found other sources of worldly knowledge and learned wisdom to tide her over until she starts school. I was agonising yesterday over what to buy Lisa for her birthday (which is this Sunday if you want to hang out some bunting), and having wondered aloud what to get the woman who has everything (and more), I eventually came to the conclusion that I had no idea what to buy.

At which point Amelie said "Daddy, I know what you should do!". She then came over to me and whispered in my ear that I should let Mummy buy her own present, and then tell her to give it to me to wrap up. That way she'd get something she likes, without relying on me to make any effort. She then added "I saw that on The Simpsons. It's what Homer does".

Now, I'm not saying that I should base all my spousal decisions on examples set by Homer Simpson, but I actually think that's quite a good idea. And I could see myself with a wristband saying WWHD. So I've told Lisa to choose a pair of shoes and I'll give her the money. She can buy her own card as well.

In other news, we've grown tired of Amelie's attempts to become the Gardner family stylist...

Lisa's teeth are gritted, and Toby's got his head in his hands. I'm the only one who comes out of it looking cool. So in an attempt to keep the girl occupied, Lisa's booked her in for swimming lessons every day this week. She's in the 'Advanced Toddlers' group, which is aimed at youngsters who can take off an armband without drowning, and she gets half an hour's tuition every morning.

Her first session was yesterday, and to everyone's surprise, she not only took off an armband, but took off two armbands and swam a couple of widths. As Lisa wrote on Facebook, "Amelie did something unusual at her swimming lesson today. She swam. Unaided. I wasn't expecting that". In just eighteen months, she's gone from floating like a lilo to the girl from Atlantis. She'll be pearl diving next. At least she will if I get any say. She owes us for all those lessons.


Phil's Mum said...

Who makes most money - a hairdresser or a swimmer?

Phil said...

The way Amelie does hair, a swimmer.