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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I'm not saying that Lisa's bad with accents, but we had a visit last night from the Irish priest of the local Catholic church, and when Lisa heard his voice on the intercom, she thought it was Stefan. Who's thirty years younger and comes from Slovakia. Mind you, she generally thinks Scousers are from Glasgow and most Geordies are Welsh, so it's probably not that surprising. It's a good job I speak the Queen's English.

Anyhoo, the priest wasn't here for an exorcism, he was actually dropping off Toby's baptism certificate. Which, coincidentally, features Stefan's name in the list of godparents. So now we've got it in writing, with the official stamp of the Catholic church, we can start asking for babysitting favours. As it happens, I was working at the Sussex Eye Hospital with Stefan this afternoon, and a nurse asked if we were brothers. It transpired that she'd seen us at Toby's baptism, and thought we looked alike. She probably thinks we're both Irish as well.

Obviously it was a ridiculous suggestion. Not only does Stefan have more hair than I do (so clearly people think I'm the elder brother), but in all the years we've worked together, we've never even stood in the same way...

Apart from that one day in 2009. Oh, and this day in 2008. Other than that though, we're poles apart. Which is the other nationality he's mistaken for.

Anyhoo, Lisa's currently in bed with an acute case of mastitis, which she describes as being like a bout of flu combined with a knife attack, but the good news is that if she doesn't pull through, I should be able to rely on Amelie for a bit of financial security. At 6:45pm last night, less than an hour before bedtime, she asked me if we could go outside and set up a lemonade stand. When I pointed out that it was time to get ready for bed, she assured me that it wouldn't take long to sell lemonade to all our neighbours. So I told her we don't have any lemonade. To which she replied "We could sell them water instead". It's that kind of entrepreneurial spirit which is going to keep me in my old age.

In the end though, we stayed in and watched YouTube...

That's just a cat in a shark outfit chasing a duck on a vacuum cleaner. We've seen it all before.


Zed said...

Blimey, the only one with any dignity there was the duck!

Phil's Mum said...

Thinking about it, you DO look a bit like brothers!

David East said...

Call me pedantic, but the duck isn't on a vacuum cleaner.