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Monday, August 05, 2013

I'm not sure if we can sue, but within two minutes of leaving the salon on Saturday, Amelie's hare was falling out...

I think the stylist must have been rabbiting on too much.

Anyhoo, bad jokes aside (for the time being), I think it's finally dawned on Amelie that her behaviour might have consequences. Having taken Pride in her moaning on Saturday morning, and then had her hair cut off in the afternoon, we were pushing her and Toby around Sainsbury's in the evening when she suddenly turned to Lisa and said "When I'm a grown up, will you chuck me out of the house?". She was overheard by another shopper, who laughed and answered yes on our behalf. Before adding that she'll be out on her ear at ten. It's almost as if she knew us.

So in an effort to postpone the inevitable, Amelie's clearly decided to take action. She drew this for me at the weekend...

For anyone without a master's degree in pre-school handwriting, that says "Daddy, you're great", followed by my age. Or possibly a speed limit sign. She's added glitter to simulate the last of my hair falling out, and then emphasised the letters 'EAT'. It's like a Jon Cheshire original, done by a four-year-old. And I love it.

She's still leaving home at sixteen though.


Phil's Mum said...

You'll have to bribe someone to propose to her then!

Jon the Bassist said...

The dandelion from the T.