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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Back in March 2012, the day after Toby had his 20 week scan and we found out he was more likely to be destined for Wormwood Scrubs than Holloway, I had this chat with Amelie about her plans for the new baby...

Little did we know that the cat who walks in after two minutes would give birth before Lisa. But that aside, Amelie clearly stated that she'd help the baby drink his milk, eat his food, suck his dummy and play Little Acorns on the iPad. Although as it transpires, if he even thinks about touching her iPad, he's likely to be dragged out of the room by his ankles.

What she failed to mention, however, is that eighteen months later she'd be dressing him in fairy wings and then filming him wrestling a mouse...

It's a fine line between commentary and taunting. And you wouldn't get Nick Broomfield breaking wind behind the camera. But I have to say that the fairy wings suit him. It's the closest she could get to pink trousers.


Phil's Mum said...

Aaaah! How sweet! All 3 of them.