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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I have terrible, terrible news. Amelie and I have discovered the all-new Lidl bakery...

This is potentially the most damaging bread-related development since George Bush choked on a pretzel. We're both going to be twenty stone by June. We only popped in there briefly last night, on our way back from taking Lisa's Mum home, but it was like a retelling of Hansel and Gretel. Two young, easily-led individuals stumbling across a building full of German-made cakes. Frankly we didn't stand a chance.

As I said to Amelie in the car park, with my mouth full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, "This biscuit might be bigger than my head, and cheaper than a lettuce, but it's bad news for this family". She responded by looking at her empty bag of pink iced doughnuts, and the Danish pastry we'd vowed to take home for Lisa, but which we both felt tempted to eat, and said "Daddy, maybe we should never go down that aisle again".

She's right, of course. Although in reality, we both know we'll be back there tonight.