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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Intriguingly, I've now had a letter from the Soho Theatre. They're a week behind the Royal Court in the race to stage my new play, so there's obviously some catching up to do, but they've pulled a masterstroke by stating that they now plan to evaluate it in two to three months, beating their previously stated target of four months, and challenging the Royal Court's promise of 12 weeks. In the Soho Theatre's favour is also the fact that Richard "I don't believe it" Wilson, and Lise Mayer (co-writer of 'The Young Ones') are on the development committee. So by this time next year I could be the co-author of a sitcom starring Victor Meldrew as a student punk.

Just as intriguing is the breaking news that not content with being on the honorary council of the Royal Court, Sir Richard Eyre is proving himself to be something of a theatrical slut by allowing himself to be named as patron of the Soho Theatre as well. Right up there alongside Bob Hoskins. Who's probably looking for work now the BT adverts have dried up.