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Sunday, January 25, 2004

What a way to spend a Saturday night. I'm currently taking part in the 24-Hour Short Story Contest. Five hundred registered participants from around the world (including yours truly) were e-mailed a topic at 6pm British time, and we all have 24 hours to write an original 1100-word short story on that subject, and e-mail it back to the judges for a shot at cash prizes totalling $750.

The organisers describe it as "the ultimate source for creative stress... and tons of fun!". Well I'd agree with the former. The latter might not come until I'm awarded the $300 top prize. But still, it's currently 9 hours down and 15 to go, and I have an unfinished story totalling 950 words. I somehow have to condense half a page of remaining notes into an eloquent 150 word denouement by teatime on Sunday.

And the 'topic'? Well it's this...

"She looked behind her once again before she pushed open the largest door in the house. She only had a few seconds to search her employer's office or she risked detection. Her eyes were immediately drawn to a handwritten note sitting in the
middle of the desk..."

I think I might just go to bed...