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Thursday, April 01, 2004

In view of the date, I feel I really ought to be writing some plausible piece about how I've just won the Nobel prize for literature and I'm dating Julie Reinger, the Look East weathergirl. But to be honest I've got a headache today (which would be handy if I was dating Julie Reinger - let's face it, you wouldn't want to end up in bed with the woman. And if you didn't have a headache when you met her, you soon would once she opened her mouth and started talking. That's if you didn't already have the onset of a migraine after looking at that shocking peach trouser suit she's STILL insisting on wearing every couple of weeks. But I digress...)

Actually, I may have to stop slagging off Ms Reinger, since discovering last week that she's practically a family friend, and was THIS far (hold your thumb and forefinger about half an inch apart as you read that) away from having tea with my parents.

Anyhoo, we're now up to 849 on the quiz front, so just the 500 or so in the past 24 hours. My website hit-counter currently stands at 4493 after 14 months in existence, so it's now obvious that hoping to attract visitors by creating a 68 page website (no really, there ARE 68 pages on my website - go count them) was a stoopid mistake, and I should have created a vegetable quiz instead. At this rate, more people will have taken my quiz in the next week than have visited my website in the past year. You couldn't make it up really. Not even on April Fools Day.

And the first reviews are in too. Without exception, they're fab, and I'm immensely proud of them. My particular favourites are...

"hey man, yer quiz was gay!... well it wasnt gay but i didnt like it....nevermind,g2g bye"

... and...

"Your QUIZ BITES!!But try mine some time,willya?"

You can't buy publicity like that. And I'm already tempted to create a 'How Gay is Your Quiz?' quiz. People clearly have a hard time making up their minds, so I think there's a gap in the market.