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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Marvellous. Well I assume we're all rich now are we? Having made £30 on my ickle sweetheart Rhinestone Cowboy who wiped the floor with Rooster Booster, as we all knew he would (and if you didn't put the mortgage money on as instructed, you should be ashamed of yourself), my £2 on Amberleigh House at odds of 20-1 gave me another forty quid, so I think I can now afford to pay for the packet of white chocolate Maltesers I was suckered into buying on impulse last night.

That potential £120 profit on Lord Atterbury was looking pretty exciting going over the final fence though wasn't it. Or was I the only one jumping up and down? Still, it just goes to show, why back one horse when you can back four, that's what I say.