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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Well I successfully picked up the fugitive from justice. Interestingly she looked far less dodgy than most of the other people leaving Brighton Police Station in the 20 minutes I was standing outside. I deliberately kept my distance for fear of being dragged into a life of crime. It was touch and go for a while.

From there we went to Brighton Marina, partly because it's a cool and happening place to visit, but mainly because it has free parking. There's also an Asda there, which for someone like me is quite exciting. We ignored the chance to buy cheap ready meals though, and headed to Beefeater, where I went on a long mental journey by choosing to eat beef.

Deciding we weren't being tailed by the police, I allowed Lisa (named and shamed) to direct me back to her place, where I very kindly set her mother on the road to riches by picking out the winners of today's Scoop 6 horse races. Which, for the record, will be:

First Love
Distant Times
St Pirran
Soviet Song

Or at least they would be, were it not for the fact that First Love has been withdrawn this morning. He's owned by the Queen, so I'm holding her personally responsible, and I'm going for Gin Palace instead. So that's that sorted. Obviously I'm not putting any money on them myself, but they ARE all dead certs.

Anyhoo, we drove back up from the south coast in the evening, I missed the turning off the M25 (obviously through no fault of my own), and we toured the Essex countryside for an hour, before successfully arriving in Shotley Gate the right side of midnight, which is all you can ask really.

And I'd just like to disassociate myself from the hand which is currently appearing in the webcam shot on my homepage.