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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

NaNoWriMo Day: 2
Words Written: 3,791
Words Remaining:

Despite venturing halfway into chapter three of my magnum opus today, I still found time to mingle with celebrities in Brighton town centre. Well, celebrities' trousers. Whilst browsing the menswear section of the Marie Curie Cancer Shop, I was intrigued to overhear the sales assistant trying to flog a pair of trousers to an unsuspecting customer on the grounds that Jimmy Somerville had personally popped in and donated them earlier that day.

The man clearly wouldn't have bought them otherwise, but despite openly stating his opinion that the trousers wouldn't have fit Mr Somerville, who he maintained was "quite small", the man was happy to believe that he had in his hands a genuine bit of brown corduroy belonging to the high-pitched popster, so he confidently handed over his money, and left satisfied.

Which is just as well, coz with my track record of buying trousers which don't fit me, I'd have snapped them up in an instant.