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Saturday, November 06, 2004

NaNoWriMo Day: 6
Words Written: 10,251
Words Remaining:

The novel proved a real struggle today, right up until 6:45pm when I saw G4 performing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' on The X Factor. The shock of a classical choral ensemble doing Britney Spears did more to perk me up than a dozen mugs of strong tea had done throughout the day, and I promptly knocked out another 700 words before the Strictly Come Dancing result.

In addition I was able to prove the worth of one of my most closely guarded racing secrets this afternoon. So closely guarded, in fact, that I thought I'd reveal it on this blog. About a year ago, I saw the retired racehorse trainer Jenny Pitman being interviewed on lunchtime TV, during which she mentioned in passing that during her career, every horse she'd ever trained which had undergone a wind operation, had won its very next race.

Which is the kind of information to treasure. Especially as it seems to work. With jumpers, anyway (by which I mean National Hunt horses, not woolly pullies). Today was the first run of the season from Royal Auclair, who'd undergone a wind operation in the summer, so I abandoned my usual cautious each-way bet, and backed him to win. Which he did comfortably, netting me £30. Marvellous. I've always loved that Jenny Pitman.