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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Phil & WhatshernameJust to prove you can get a card for every eventuality these days, my Mum gave me this one yesterday. Although the way it says "Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas together" does kind of imply that she wants us to spend it on our own, rather than descending on Chelmsford for a week and eating all her food, which is more what we had in mind. Personally I'm hoping Lisa will officially move in during 2007 so that my Mum can send a card to 'Son and Bird He's Shacked Up With at the Moment'. It's something to look forward to.

And as if a Christmas card wasn't enough, Brighton & Hove City Council delivered 'A Pocket Guide to Council Services' to every home in the city yesterday. It's a handy-sized booklet which lists all the various services the council offers, and the phone numbers to call to take advantage of them. I flicked through it when it arrived, and got as far as 'H'...

From Home Improvement to Homophobia
The council's offering a homophobia service? What happens when you ring up - do they tell you it's not natural and it turns their stomachs, then call you a poof and hang up?

Or do you just get straight through to Peter Willows?