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Monday, December 04, 2006

Well I e-mailed Blogger on Saturday, but haven't received a response, and seeing as I haven't yet had the time (or let's face it, the inclination) to do anything about it, my archives currently remain out of sight. Or in this case, out of site.

One of the reasons for my lack of quality time to spend on fixing Blogger's mistakes, is that I'm currently attempting to join the working classes by getting a proper job instead of faffing about on the internet all day. My current vacancy of choice is Fort Custodian at Newhaven Fort, a high-ranking position which basically involves sweeping the car park and talking to small children about Hitler. I feel forts are my forté, and I can use a broom with the best of 'em, so I'm confident of success. That's as long as they don't contact my referees, which currently consist of a mad cat-woman and a bloke with a kidney stone collection.

But when I'm not padding out my CV with irrelevant nonsense, I'm busy attending the 'Kemp Town Winter Festival' which took place yesterday afternoon, 100 yards from my flat. To be honest, it was a bit of a let down. They'd closed a road for the day, just to enable a few people to stand in the rain and sell crepes. I wasn't impressed. But I was followed down the road by David Van Day, who, not content with bumping into me in the frozen food section of Asda two months ago, is now wandering the streets in a ridiculous hat, trying to persuade people to vote Conservative. I was going to take a photo of him, but I didn't like to kick a man when he's down.

TickledIn other news, I'm pleased to say I've finished my Christmas shopping. I managed to do most of it in one shop, which either indicates the brilliant selection they have in Tickled, or the fact that I was determined to get it all done in under five minutes, and couldn't care less what I bought. Frankly it was the latter. I got my Dad's present across the road at the Vintage Magazine Company (though interestingly it's not a vintage magazine), but everything else I bought from the ladies on the left at their "gift & gadget shop for women". Including my brother's present. But hey, according to the online quiz we all took last Christmas, my brother's less masculine than my sister. I'm sure he'll love it.