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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Breaking news from today's All Staff Info-Mail...

Macerator Service Check
Vernatech will be carrying out a macerator service check on the 13 and 14 November throughout all clinical areas in the Royal Sussex County Hospital. If you have any questions, please contact the estates helpdesk.

Yeah, just the one question. What the heck's a macerator?

Anyhoo, while I was at work today eating mini Daim bars and looking up the number of the estates helpdesk, Amelie received her first ever item of post. She's now the proud owner of an NHS medical card. Mind you, she almost didn't get it. It was picked up off the mat by Lisa's Mum, who didn't recognise the name on the envelope and tried to chuck it in the bin. As she said to me an hour ago, "I thought 'Amelie Gardner? Who's that?'". It's not surprising. She's been calling her Emily for the past six weeks.

But the good news is that the NHS card's been saved from the dustman and is now safely stored in my Box of Important Things, along with her birth certificate and two tickets for Roddy Frame. On the downside, it's now recorded in black and white that we've registered Amelie with Lisa's doctor, which is not something to boast about. She's a bit like a tribal medicine woman, only less conventional. Interestingly, we discovered yesterday that our health visitor knows her, which is nice. She described her as "a law unto herself". I could think of better words, but I don't want to sound like a duck.

Anyhoo, the feedback's now in from yesterday's blog post, and the consensus (amongst the one work colleague who offered an opinion) is that Amelie's very cute. Oddly, the feedback on Lisa's new top has been less forthcoming, so I've asked her to pose for another photo on the bonnet of my car...

Those £9 hair extensions have worked a treat.
You're right, she has lost weight.