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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One of my work colleagues commented today that "once Phil starts eating, he can't stop". Obviously it was an outrageous accusation, and one I wanted to refute immediately, but unfortunately I had my mouth full of Turkish Delight at the time, so I couldn't speak. But I put the rumour to bed later, over an all-butter biscuit from the Champagne region of France. Frankly it's not me that needs to stop eating, it's my workmates who need to stop going abroad and bringing back food.

In other news, I've discovered that Lisa and I aren't as original as we thought. I've had an e-mail out of the blue from a man called Gardner (no relation) who writes to inform me that he named his daughter Amelie in 2004. He found me by entering 'Amelie Gardner' into YouTube and wondering why he didn't recognise his own child. Anyhoo, the man might have had a four-year headstart, but fortunately he's not as web-savvy as I am, so he's missed his chance to register the dotcom address. He'll be livid in twenty years time when his daughter's famous and I sell it back to him for a six figure sum.

Teenage BreakoutBut in other other news, I walked past a car yesterday afternoon which had this sticker in the window. It's an advert for Education Otherwise, "a membership based organisation that provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school", and which aims to "encourage learning outside the school system". They're basically trying to persuade parents that schools are rubbish, and their kids will get better results at home.

I wouldn't mind, but the car was parked directly opposite Brighton College. Frankly they'd lost the argument before they'd even put on the handbrake.