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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wherrrrrre did you get that hat, where did you get that hat..?

There's a touch of Ena Sharples about her.
She got it from Lisa's cousin if you must know.

Amelie spent yesterday visiting her Great Aunt & Uncle on the other side of town. They haven't seen her since October 10th, when they gave us forty quid to buy her something nice, and we blew it all on a load of furry insects. So I expect they wanted to find out how well Amelie's been getting on with her Garden Friends. Thank God she can't talk.

But whilst there, Amelie bumped into her First Cousin Once Removed, who presented her with the hand-knitted extravaganza above. Speaking as someone who once knitted a six-inch square blanket for a guinea pig (I think I was studying for my A-levels at the time), I have to say it's an impressive piece of work. Frankly there's no way she got her skills from Lisa's side of the family.

As for today, well the breaking news from work is that the Chief Pharmacist, head of the entire Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust Pharmacy Department, thinks Amelie looks like me, and is very cute. So she must be wrong on one count.

But perhaps the best news of the day is this...

She's going to spend her way out of recession.
It's official: Amelie's now richer than her parents.