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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It was Lisa's soap night last night (not to be confused with her bath night, which is far less frequent). So as soon as I heard the wailing caterwaul of the Coronation Street theme tune, I hit 'publish' on my blog, and fled to Lidl for some kitchen rolls. Amelie wanted to escape with me, but I didn't think a shop which sells chainsaws and mincers to people from the Whitehawk Estate would be a safe environment for a child. To you and me it might be kitchen and garden equipment, but to them it's modus operandi and evidence disposal.

So I went on my own. There might be safety in numbers, but it's easier to watch one back than two. As usual, I completed my shopping trip by picking up a copy of the always-entertaining Lidl catalogue for the week ahead, and needless to say I wasn't disappointed. This edition features a satellite navigation system for only £89.99. Or £88.19 if you get it after the VAT decrease.

Admittedly you can buy them slightly cheaper elsewhere, but this one has a very special feature...

Take me to the nearest restraurant.
Leaving aside the fact that 'restaurants' is clearly a hard word to spell, how fantastic is that? It's a SatNav which directs you straight to the nearest Lidl! Although obviously you wouldn't want to take it there, because it'll only get nicked in the car park.