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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The building's fire alarm went off at 9:30pm last night. Personally I find it reassuring to know that modern smoke detectors are sensitive to cannabis fumes. And encouraging that my neighbours weren't too stoned to stagger out of their flat and key in the right code to turn it off. It's just as well - another five minutes and Marie might have turned up in her fire engine.

I can only assume that they went straight to bed after that. And then got up early this morning. Because the alarm went off again at 8am. It didn't bother me too much because I'd been lying awake since six-thirty listening to the sound of Amelie babbling nonsense at the top of her voice, and frankly it was just nice to have something to drown her out for a few minutes. And besides, if you're going to bond with the people who live upstairs, what better way to do it than stood around a fire alarm console in your pyjamas first thing on a Sunday morning.

We're off to the christening shortly. I plan to sleep through the whole thing and hope people assume I'm praying.