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Thursday, January 08, 2009

I need to be careful what I say here. One mention of a trip to Lidl and I could be sacked on the spot. No, really. It turns out that the Brighton Argus is on a mission to report local bloggers who find chavs annoying, and force them to resign from their jobs. By Monday morning the dole queue could be a mile long.

According to this article in today's paper...

"Rob Johnston, 22, a trainee special constable from Hangleton, Brighton, resigned on Monday after The Argus alerted Sussex Police bosses to his online blog where he listed Muslims and Chavs as things that “annoyed” him."

Blimey. I feel like hugging a hoodie immediately just to safeguard my job. I'd do it right now, but I don't like to go near the Whitehawk estate after dark. It's not that I find chavs annoying; it's more that I feel they'd stab me for the loose change in my pocket. And then use it to buy a chainsaw from Lidl. But I love them like I love my own sister. And I'd like to meet up with them just as frequently.

As for Rob Johnston, he's taken down his blog ( and made it redirect to a Canadian site about the the UK becoming a police state, which is quite amusing if you ask me. They could do with creativity like that in the Specials. And let's face it, judging by his YouTube page, the man plays with model trains in his garden. Just how dangerous can he be?

But talking of people who are misunderstood, Amelie's a lot better now, thanks for asking.

Jockey WilsonHere she is playing darts whilst riding an imaginary horse. Which I suppose makes her Jockey Wilson.

Anyhoo, she kept us awake most of Tuesday night, regaling us with tales of just how upsetting her injections had been, and showing us her puncture wounds, but as of yesterday morning she's back to her old self, and smiling at the bags under my eyes.

Vaccination hasn't affected her development either. In fact I'm pleased to report that she's reached an important milestone. Yes, at the age of just three months and one week, Amelie's started picking things up. Lisa left her on the changing mat for a few moments yesterday, and came back to find her with a plastic nappy sack over her face. We're so proud. Mainly of the fact that she's still alive.