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Thursday, May 12, 2011

I arrived home from work today to be greeted by Amelie running down the hallway to meet me with the words "Daddy! I've got carrots in my socks!". Which wasn't the news I expected when I opened the front door. Needless to say, it's the kind of announcement you feel compelled to check before fully believing, but sure enough, having picked her up and examined her feet, I can confirm that she did indeed have carrot sticks in her socks.

Naturally I asked her why. She replied "Because I've been on a picnic".

I wasn't sure that really answered my question, but I decided to leave it there before she produced a scotch egg from her knickers. To be honest, I'd had enough of unexpected messages by that point. An hour earlier I'd received the news that due to a technicality beyond my control, after two years in my current job I'm not going to be allowed to officially graduate to fully-qualified status in a fortnight's time as expected, and will now have to forego my promised pay rise and carry on for at least a couple more months on a lower wage. So this year's holiday could be out the window. Quite literally. I'm suggesting we spend it on the balcony.

But fortunately that e-mail of doom was swiftly followed by this cheering text message from Big Sis:

"I should be on TV tonight, spinning and talking with Shelley Rudman, Olympic medallist! Points West local news!"

It's Big Sis's birthday today. I don't know what Rudman's excuse is. But apparently she's providing the wow factor. I don't imagine that's hard in Devizes. I'm off to watch it on the iPlayer...


jon the bassist said...

<span><span>Maybe Amelie got a celery increase instead?</span></span>

Phil said...

I could certainly do with her fiver a day.

Phil's Mum said...

<span><span>Your holiday could be like 'I'm a Celebrity - get me out of here' - judging by the jungle you're creating on your balcony.  Just don't let Amelie swing through the trees.  We don't want another 'flat plunge person'!</span></span>