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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

You know I said the police were round here again on Wednesday? Well, I wasn't making it up...

Pot Luck
That article was helpfully marked for us by Lisa's Mum, who scours the local press on a daily basis for the latest crime scene reports from our block. Obviously it's a full-time job. When she read that Bin Laden had been killed, she was just shocked it didn't happen in the flat next door.

She phoned me on Sunday with the news above, before adding (in a slightly suspicious tone), "It's all been happening since you moved in, Phil...". It's like I'm some kind of criminal mastermind. The neighbours call me Mr Big, but I think that has more to do with obesity.

Anyhoo, before everyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, I should point out that Lisa's no longer in her 30s, and the only pot plants we have are Amelie's sunflowers, so we're definitely in the clear. It all makes sense though. When we watched the police on Wednesday, we saw them carry out some makeshift light-reflectors made from large sheets of silver-backed paper. At the time, we wondered if our neighbour was running some kind of illegal photographic studio. Now we know she was just watching the grass grow under her feet.

But the real question is this: was the mould behind our wardrobe the result of a lawn sprinkler upstairs?


Phil's Mum said...

I have to agree with Lisa's Mum.  It was all very quiet and respectable when SHE lived there!

Dave said...

I'm still pondering the idea of an illegal photographic studio.

Phil said...

Don't ponder it too much, or you'll be arrested by the thought police.

'old' friend said...

Are you sure it was only mould that was growing behind your wardrobe?!

Phil's Mum said...

I nearly said that, 'old' friend!