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Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's another one for my album marked 'Photos to Display at Amelie's Wedding'...

Other children play 'Super Mario Land 2' on the GameBoy. Amelie plays it on the toilet.

But plumbers and waterworks aside, it's exactly seven years ago today that I grabbed an opportunity with both hands (in the big fat gypsy sense) and successfully persuaded Lisa to become my girlfriend. It was on this day in 2004 that she finally agreed to go steady. Steadily downhill, that is, towards a major panic attack and nervous breakdown. But the good news is that having come to terms with the foolishness of her decision, she hasn't looked back since. Mainly due to neck problems and a bad sense of direction.

Messages of support have been pouring in today from all four corners of St Leonards. We've had a card from my parents, congratulating us on our ability to extract two anniversary cards out of them in one year. We also received well-wishes from Big Sis, who learnt of our impending anniversary at Easter, and said "I know so many people who have split up after seven years". It made her wishes of 'Good Luck' seem even more meaningful.

I've always said that the secret of a long and happy relationship is originality and spontaneity. So having planned it all a few months ago, I decided to give Lisa the same gift she had for our first anniversary - tickets for Duran Duran. In 2005, that meant driving all the way to Birmingham, but this year the band announced their intention to play the Brighton Centre tomorrow night, with tickets costing a mere fifty pounds each. I know, how do they afford to eat?

Well, the answer is they don't. If they did, they might have consumed enough vitamins to stop them getting ill and cancelling the show 48 hours beforehand. Having parted with my hundred quid back in February, I received a call from Ticketmaster yesterday afternoon to say that Simon Le Bon's got laryngitis, and the gig's been called off. Brighton was due to be the eighth concert of an eleven date tour. Unfortunately they haven't turned up for any of them yet.

Back on Tuesday, Simon LemSip managed to find his voice long enough to say this: "I am so happy to have been given the all-clear by the doctor, so that we can get the shows back up and running", but by Friday they were merrily cancelling yesterday's show at the O2, citing "Simon Le Bon's vocal problems". Which was a surprise as they've never stopped him before.

Lisa's favourite Duran Duran song is 'Come Undone'. Which is pretty much what's happened to all my anniversary plans. It seems like The Wild Boys have turned into old men, and The Reflex is just a gagging order. I think we'll have a quiet night in front of the telly.


Phil's Mum said...

Well, that's what you do after seven years - mainly because you can't afford to go out any more.

Dave said...

I have heard of Duran Duran.  They were named after the villain from the film Barbarella.

I know none of their songs, of course.  It seems I never will now.