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Monday, May 21, 2012

For a long time now, Lisa and I have had a reputation as 24 hour party people, living the hedonistic lifestyle, and appearing at all the top functions on a regular basis. Lisa's like Paris Hilton on a budget, and Amelie's her little princess...

So it will come as no surprise to anyone that we followed up Saturday's big birthday bash by attending another exclusive party yesterday afternoon. This time it was the third birthday of Lorraine's youngest child, Harrison. He was the key witness to this random act of violence. And he's now in a position to talk.

But instead of fleeing social services with our wayward child, we took her to Hove yesterday for Harry's fancy dress party. Amelie went as a medieval princess, so naturally she wanted me to dress up as a wizard. In the end I put on my driving glasses and told her I was Harry Potter. I also did my horrible laugh from page 3 of 'The Princess and the Wizard', which always goes down well. And brings her to the verge of tears. As for Lisa, Amelie wanted her to go as a brave knight, presumably because she's rarely out of her knightwear, and spends most of the day in pyjamas. She eventually settled on her dress from TK Maxx.

So with the three of us suited and booted, we headed for Lorraine's house and took up a handy position by the buffet. Lisa and I remained there for most of the afternoon, while Amelie ran around the garden like a nutter, and attempted to fly head-first down the slide without losing her crown. She came in at one point and asked me if I'd seen her new friend, Ruby. I was eating a cherry bakewell at the time, but when I'd finished, I asked her what Ruby looked like. To which Amelie responded "She has green wings". As distinguishing features go, it's a good one. I eventually spotted her flying past the window. She was actually dressed all in green, so her name really should have been Jade.

Anyhoo, the last time Amelie attended a party at Lorraine's house, she was forcibly bound, gagged, and had her head shoved against a wall, but this time it was a much more genteel occasion. Her only physical injury was when she tripped over the hem of her red velvet gown and scraped her arm on the edge of her jewels.


Phil's Mum said...

Why isn't there a picture of the wizard and the brave knight?