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Friday, May 18, 2012

Word has just reached us from the M23 that Big Sis is on her way here, and should be arriving in the next half hour. Which is a surprise, as we weren't even sure she was in the country. Apparently yesterday's photos have proved even more irresistible than I realised, and she's currently driving across the south of England just to cuddle kittens.

So time is of the essence, and I probably should be clearing a space on the sofa, but just to update everyone on some other travel news...

Lisa heard from the bus company this week. It was back on April 29th that she e-mailed the Brighton & Hove Bus Company about her little trip the day before, and they promised to reply within three working days. So when she still hadn't heard anything two weeks later, she wrote a letter (the old-fashioned papery kind) to the managing director. I posted it for her on Monday. So with ironic timing, they e-mailed her later that day.

The e-mail spoke of their great concern, and the "inconvenience" caused to Lisa, before stating that "We take pride in the fact that our drivers maintain the highest standards and therefore anything that affects the safety and comfort of our passengers is of particular concern to the company. I have arranged for the driver to be seen by his manager."

And that was basically it. Not so much as a free bus ticket. Fortunately, however, it pays to go to the top. Wednesday's post brought a letter personally signed by the managing director, which apologised for the original delay in replying, stating that Lisa's e-mail "unfortunately got misfiled from our inbox". Presumably into the trash can. He then apologises again, before adding "rest assured that this is the subject of a full investigation including reviewing the CCTV images that we have, so that we can pursue it with the driver concerned."

So that's obviously fantastic news. Not the bit about the full investigation, but the fact that they have the incident on film. Lisa might not receive any compensation, but she could still get £250 from You've Been Framed.


Phil's Mum said...

I think Lisa should still hold out for 5 years' free travel on the buses (at least!).