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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It was exactly eight years ago today that I finally wore Lisa down into a state of apathetic submission, and she reluctantly agreed to become my girlfriend. She hasn't looked back since. Which is just as well, as she might spot the queue of other men she could have had instead.

So rather than write a lengthy blog post about kids or kittens, I'd just like to say Happy (non-wedding, relationship-only) Anniversary to my wife, I love you very much, and here's hoping you can eat the romantic tub of ice cream I've bought, without heaving into a bucket. xxx


Phil's Mum said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!  I DID remember it - and then forgot it before I could send a card!  Its all your daughter's fault.

Lisa said...

Eight years. And they haven't all been bad! xxxxxxxxxx

Phil said...

Not for you, maybe.

Zed said...

Well, congratulations.  You're a lucky man.