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Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Christmas!

Zorro, eat your heart out.
There's no way of telling who, or where, the masked Santas might be, but I think the one on the right is having trouble seeing through his eye holes. And he's clearly wearing a belt made of mince pies. There's no other explanation for that bulge under his shirt.

But moving on to photos of people who are far easier to identify...

The Big CLisa and I had a visit yesterday from our friend 'C'. That's her on the left. I'd recognise that face anywhere. We last saw C in March, a week before I started my job, and two weeks before we announced we were pregnant, so a lot's changed since then. We both look more tired for a start. But let's face it, she met me when I had a moustache, so a couple of bloodshot eyes aren't going to bother her.

Anyway, it was good to catch up, and C had the privilege of being allowed to hold Amelie while she did her impression of a plughole. I also offered C the last of the Hungarian apple cake. To my disappointment, she accepted. She was also very impressed, so frankly it's a good job I'd already eaten the rest of it.

As for today, I was supposed to be giving Lisa's Mum a lift home from my flat straight after work, but unfortunately I arrived twenty minutes late. I told her I'd been held up at the hospital, but in reality I was standing on top of the Race Hill in the dark, taking photos like this one...

Venus de Ufo
Some people claim it's Venus, but I know aliens when I see them...