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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I don't know whether the powers-that-be are reading this blog, but the boy I mentioned on Thursday was sent home yesterday for violent behaviour. I had no idea I wielded such influence. So while I'm here, can I just say how much I'd like Amelie to win another Silver Award. And preferably a Gold Award too. Ideally, before Christmas. Thanks.

Anyhoo, Lisa posted this status update on Facebook last night:

"Phil has surprised me with a weekend away. Unfortunately it's without him and with the kids."

But as I said to my wife, as I drove her and the kids at high speed away from Brighton for the duration of the weekend, "this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you". I'll have no one to iron my shirts.

In reality, I have a lot to do this weekend, and I feel I'd get on better without Toby turning off the computer and Amelie drawing on my paperwork, so I've shipped them all off to St Leonards. I'm sure my parents have nothing better to do. And besides, Amelie is now the face of child services in the town, so it's only right that she puts in an appearance.

Interestingly, when I showed Amelie that Facebook profile, she looked excited and said "Oooh! There's a page about me on the internet!". Which not only suggests self-obsessive tendencies, but makes me think she's never noticed this blog. She'll be thrilled when I show it to her at the age of fifteen.

Anyhoo, the things I have to do don't actually include this blog post, so I'd better get on. The good news is that whilst my family might not be around, Amelie has left me with a parting gift...

I find that picture slightly terrifying. Not the image itself (which is clearly lovely, particularly the bit in the yellow frame), but what it represents. Without any help whatsoever, Amelie managed to open an internet browser, navigate to the Cbeebies website, click on Make a Picture with Lily, then browse through the files on my computer and upload a photo of me, before turning on the printer and printing it out. She's only just turned five. In a few more years, we'll be living out the plot line of 'WarGames'.

But still, as the artwork says, I'd better hop to it...