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Friday, October 04, 2013

Something tells me she's a very different child at school...

I'm not quite sure why the depiction of a 'nice little person' is a blonde in a hard hat and tabard, holding a wrench. Unless that's the school spanner. But it's a Catholic school, which possibly explains why she's dressed like the IRA from the waist down.

Anyhoo, in a remarkable twist of fate (which was no doubt made easier with that wrench), Amelie received not one, but two awards this morning. The second of which was this one...

That one's more manners than spanners, but it's no less impressive. The fact is that (possibly more by luck than judgement) we've somehow managed to produce a model pupil. Lisa attended the school assembly this morning to discover that Amelie was the only child in the school to be up for two awards, and that for a kid in her year to earn a Silver Award is apparently quite rare. She's like the Daniel Day-Lewis of reception.

On top of that, she was today's designated 'Line Leader', which is a bit like a loss leader, only cheaper, and as a reward for her immaculate lunchtime behaviour, she was allowed to choose a friend to enjoy a special meal at a private table with napkins, place mats and flowers. Which is pretty much how Lisa and I celebrated our anniversary. But with flowers.

In addition to presenting Amelie with her awards, the headmistress read out her teacher's comments, which referred to our daughter as "a very special little person" (the Irish love their leprechauns), and commented that she was certainly making a name for herself at her first Friday assembly.

By this point, Lisa was almost in tears, and had to be helped out of the hall by a dinner lady with smelling salts. Or something. I think it was acute medical shock that the nightmare we live with is actually a dream come true in public. I'm not sure how we've done it, but if we can keep it up for another thirteen years without people realising what she's really like, we should be home and hosed.

Incidentally, I had this conversation with her first thing this morning...

Amelie: Daddy, when I was at school yesterday, I had a headache.

Me: Was that because you were working so hard?

Amelie: No, I think it was because I bumped my head.

That hard hat's going to come in very handy.


Phil's Mum said...

She's a star! And, as long as you can persuade them to keep the school open 52 weeks of the year, you'll be all right!